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We are dedicated to helping our Veterans learn about the benefits that are available to them as a result of their service for us. We proudly serve you because you have served us.

Did you know if you’re a veteran over 65 years old you are entitled to $1,644 per month of VA benefits?

I need to specify that it is for veterans who served during World War II, Korea or Vietnam (and their widows) and must be over 65 years old.

Gilbert B. Fleming, a California attorney who has been in practice for over eighteen years has written a book on “How the VA Helps Veterans Pay for Their Assisted Living”. He became interested in estate planning and elder law when his mother-in-law fell victim to Alzheimer’s disease and his wife asked him to draft a trust that would allow her and her siblings to care for her mother as the disease progressed.

Is your father one of the two million veterans entitled to $1,644 per month in Veteran’s benefits?

Is your mother one of the six out seven veteran’s widows who is eligible for $1,056 per month… and is not receiving a dime?

What if your father could collect up to $1,644 per month to help pay for his assisted living needs? Alternatively, if his widow could collect $1,045 per month? There is a little know VA benefit for Veterans and their widows to aid with the expenses of assisted living. In 2011, the VA assisted living amounts are:

Married veteran $1,949 per month
Single veteran $1,644 per month
Widow $1,056 per month
Two veterans married: $2,410 per month

These VA benefits can be a Godsend for elders. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the details of this program, nor do they know to apply.

Why Assisted Living Beats Nursing Home Living ….Hands Down?

You know the answer to this question if you have has a chance to drive around and visit the medical facilities that are options for your disabled parent’s care. A nursing home (also called a skilled nursing facility or a convalescent hospital) provides care for people with severe care medical needs. They provide 24 hour around the clock nursing care and medical supervision. You notice that a nursing home looks a lot like a hospital: Medical wards with two or three patients in a room. Nursing stations with certified assistants (CAN’s).

An assisted living facility, however, feels more like an apartment complex that provides meals and activities. The important difference is that the assisted living facility provides assistance with activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, help with medication, eating, toileting, etc). Assisted living facilities are nicer, homier places to live and that residents are happier in this environment. It is more like home. The nursing home is more like a county hospital.

Please do not take my word for it – go out and see for yourself.

Nursing homes have an important place in our health care system. When an elder needs 24 hour nursing supervision, they need to be in such a facility. Unfortunately, I have found that sometimes an elder is placed in a nursing home for financial reasons: They cannot afford to pay for assisted living, so they apply for Medicaid and go to the nursing home. Now, all of their income and Social Security must go to the nursing home as their Share of Cost. Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California and Mass Health in Massachusetts) picks up the remainder and their medical care is paid. However, what if the veteran does not need 24 hour per day nursing care? What if his medical needs can be provided at an assisted living facility? And what if the additional VA pension of $1,056 or $1,644 per month could help him pay for assisted living facility care? You would have a happier, healthier veteran and parent!

Additional info: If you would like more information about your specific needs, please fill out the form and mail back to Gilbert Fleming.Questionnaire Rev. 8-10-12

More Information

Up to $23,388 of TAX FREE income per year to pay for assistance with home healthcare, assisted living facilities, housekeeping, food preparation, transportation, and more

What is Your Need?

The VA Aid and Attendance program can provide you with the funds to pay for assistance with the activities of daily living. These funds can be used to pay for services provided by a trained professional, a family member, a friend, or anyone else who is assisting you at home, in an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

Serving our country in a time of war represents one of the greatest sacrifices the men and women of America can make. For those who served overseas and made it home, we salute you. For those who served and didn’t, we pray that their families realize the gratitude most Americans feel.

Still, many in the military served behind the scenes and supported the efforts of our fighting troops . . . some here in the states and some overseas.

Now, it’s our turn to honor you. Through the VA Aid and Attendance program, you may be eligible for funds that will allow you to live a safe, independent life in your own home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.

VA Planning:

Planning to accelerate Veterans’ Administration benefit eligibility to World War II veterans and Korean War veterans. Veteran benefits are also available to the widows of these veterans .

Example / Parent is an Alzheimer’s Victim:

Dick is a World War II Veteran with Alzheimer’s disease. His wife, who was providing care around the clock passed away suddenly. Her children believe that she ruined her health caring for her ill husband. They placed Dick in the memory unit of an assisted living facility. The children can tell that he enjoys living there, but they know that he will run out of money in three years (they are paying for his assisted living care out of the equity from the sale of Dick’s home). Our firm may be able to qualify Dick for VA benefits which would enable Dick to pay for his assisted living care indefinitely.


“As editor of Veterans Magazine, I recommend ordering this book for the important information it provides. I am a 77 years old veteran and didn’t know this VA benefit was available. The cost of this book is $19.99 and it is written for WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans, and Veterans Widows (who are at least 65 years old). The book could save you thousands of dollars in the future.”

-William E. Dietzel
Publisher / Editor of Veterans Magazine

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