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Is your father one of the two million veterans entitled to $1,644 per month in veteran’s benefits? Is your mother one of the six out of seven veterans’ widows who is eligible for $1,056 per month … and is not receiving a dime?1 What if your veteran father could collect up to $1,644 per month to help pay for his assisted living needs? Alternatively, if his widow could collect $1,056 per month?

There is a little known VA benefit for veterans and their widows to aid with the expenses of assisted living. In 2008, the VA assisted living amounts are:

  • Married veteran $1,949 per month
  • Single veteran $1,644 per month
  • Widow $1,056 per month
  • Two veterans married to each other $2,410 per month

These Veterans’ Administration benefits can be a Godsend for elders. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the details of this program, nor do they know how to apply.


“Thank you for the copy of your Guide to Assisting Veterans with VA Benefits/assisted living. Those are the types of resources that should be available nationwide to aid in the quagmire that most do not understand.”

-Office of Congressman Jeff Denham.

“But for those who served at least 90 days of active duty in WWII or Korea, this can be a welcome help, especially for those who worry about running out of money or losing the freedom of living in their own home”

-Fresno Bee article, dated August 19, 2009

“As editor of Veterans Magazine, I recommend ordering this book for the important information it provides. I am a 77 years old veteran and didn’t know this VA benefit was available. The cost of this book is $19.99 and it is written for WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans, and Veterans Widows (who are at least 65 years old). The book could save you thousands of dollars in the future.”

-William E. Dietzel
Publisher / Editor of Veterans Magazine

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